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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I don't like low-carb bread

And I am not going to eat it.

Andrea Winchester wrote in Rookie Cookery that she is curbing the carbs and craving them. She even made a home video about throwing away the high-carb foods in her house. Actually, I wasn't sure what she was tossing and what she was keeping and why.

It's my understanding that a slice of fresh-baked whole-wheat (even 50% whole wheat) bread is good for you. So is a plate of pasta or a serving of rice (1/2 cup of pasta = 1/2 cup rice = 1 slice of bread, approximately). I like brown rice, but I don't like whole-wheat pasta, unless I make it myself. I do like the new Barilla PLUS pasta.

So why are people starting the new year by cutting out carbs?