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Friday, January 20, 2006

How many servings in a cup of flour?

I was having a hard time finding all the information I need about serving sizes. MyPyramid.gov doesn't have all the information I want to figure out things like: If I make a loaf of bread out of 4 1/3 cups of flour, how many servings of grain are in that loaf?

So I created a login at mypryamidtracker.gov. I went to "food intake", entered 1 cup of unbleached enriched white bread flour, and clicked on "Calculate MyPyramid Stats". It told me I had just eaten 8.6 ounce equivalents of grain. The USDA Nutrient Database tells me that this same cup weighs 4.9 ounces. The USDA serving size for grains is based on a 1 oz slice of bread, which apparantly contains .57 oz of flour (assuming enriched unbleached white bread flour).
Similarly 1 oz of raw "regular" rolled oats gives 1.5 servings of grain and a cup of oats weighs 81 grams. I have to go to 2 different USDA sites to get this information, but once I have it I can reuse it.

Here's where I find USDA and DASH serving sizes for everything: