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Monday, December 12, 2011

But I don't have the energy to exercise

Exercise is supposed to help lower your blood pressure. But what if you don't have the energy to exercise? Where does the energy come from?

Energy, in the form of calories, comes from the food we eat.
In addition to "burning" some of these food calories immediately, just to keep warm, and sending some off to the muscles and other organs to keep us breathing, thinking, and moving around, the body also stores some of the food calories as fat.  If you've got body fat, you've got PLENTY of energy.

So why don't you FEEL LIKE you've got the energy to get outside and move around?

If your life were in danger, wouldn't you get up and take action? Wouldn't you run as hard and fast as you could, for as long as you could, to get away from the danger? Of course you would.

Suppose you have just had a mini-stroke.  You know this means your well-being, and even your life, are in danger from a big stroke. You know you have a 40% chance of a major stroke in the next few months. Stroke is chasing you -- why don't you run?

Unless you can actually SEE the monster chasing you, you don't feel like you have the energy to get out and move around.

What can you do about it?


Catherine said...

try vitamin b12 supplements. it provides energy. If you want to be healthy, you will also need vitamin d. Get it from sunlight to avoid having low vitamin d. you'll feel different once you're getting vitamin d. I feel stronger now because of that. I feel like I have strength to do some exercise.