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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Lima Beans

My family doesn't like mashed cauliflower. We'd rather have it raw, or steamed with a sprinkling of cheese. It is definitely not a replacement for a big pile of mashed potatoes.
But we did find a "better carb choices" substitute. It's white, has a mild flavor, feels creamy in your mouth, and is popular with the kids. It's easy to cook. It goes well with a little bacon, and makes a nice side dish.

Baby Lima beans! This one is simple:

Cook one cup dried baby limas in enough broth to cover.
Simmer for one hour, adding additional water as necessary.
Season to taste.

Thanks to Mel at dietriffic for reminding me about the latest legume addition to my diet.


adele said...

I find that cannellini beans are pretty close to mashed potatoes. And they're good with cheese.

Family Nutritionist said...

Cannellini beans -- that's a good idea! Can you cook them in under an hour, or do you use canned? Know a good "no salt added" brand? The canned are always so salty.